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For today. For tomorrow.

The investments in our community we are making now will help businesses and residents thrive for years to come. By maintaining a low cost of business, providing public transport and continuously investing in our infrastructure, our city will reach new heights ... and grow in an environmentally responsible way. We’re committed to racial equity and economic mobility so that all Charlotte residents have access to careers and opportunity.


Superior business climate. Lower taxes.

When you come to CLT, you get more … and can spend money where it matters most.


Best Business Climate

Site Selection Magazine, 2021


— lowest corporate tax rate in the country

(phasing to 0% by 2030)


North Carolina was ranked the #10 Best State for lowest tax burden

light rail

Centrally located. Connected to everywhere.

Connectivity is just better in the Queen City with more roadways, more public transportation, and less congestion. Need to move product? Interstate access, the airport and nearby ports in Wilmington make transportation and logistics simple. And of course, domestic + global travel is a cinch — hop on one of the 700+ flights that leaves out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport daily.


busiest airport in the world by passenger and cargo aircraft movements


nonstop destinations for seamless travel


miles of completed light rail that connects 30K+ daily riders to Charlotte’s business centers


additional miles of light rail planned by 2030 to connect east to west, to the airport, and to a coming-soon Amtrak station


Grow fast. Grow responsibly.

We’re in this for the long haul. For a better tomorrow. For a more connected community. Our Strategic Energy Action Plan contains lofty goals to reduce our carbon emissions and overall environmental impact.

Designated Bloomberg Climate City


-minute neighborhoods — our 2040 vision centers on vibrant, walkable neighborhoods that promote an inclusive and sustainable future


When you have our resources and talent, you can do just about anything.

Charlotte is home to a diverse network of businesses in an interconnected city. No matter what business you’re in, you’ll benefit from our superior transportation options, affordable and dynamic real estate, and an economic development team that puts business first.

Your success is our success.

Job opportunities. A new gear in our development engine. A better city for all. When you invest in Charlotte, we provide the incentives you need to boost your bottom line … and our city’s economy.

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