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Charlotte is home to 475 company HQs and counting. The city has double the national average of people working in headquarters operations and people move to Charlotte every day to work for some of the world’s leading companies. In a more fluid work world, talent has migrated from expensive cities like NYC and San Fran to find a better cost of living and quality of life. We’ve seen our talent pool deepen — and companies flock here as a result. Our strategic investments in work and place will ensure that Charlotte is a dynamic, energetic city for decades to come.


Fortune 1000 headquarters


national and global headquarters


Corporate tax rate - lowest in the country and phasing out by 2030


State for Business

Latest News & Announcements

Credit Karma

CreditKarma made Charlotte its East Coast HQ in May 2021.

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Avidxchange is the latest Charlotte-HQ’d company to go public, with its IPO in October 2021.

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Major Headquarters in CLT

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